Frontier….2020: progress, updates and the future

I’ve begun working on Frontier again, firstly through a collaboration with a young Kenyan artist to produce some concept pieces for the book. It’s really helping to crystallise some of the thoughts but I definitely need to lock down the dates for things a lot more to keep them in my head. Is it 500 years in the future or 200? Erg.

I present, for your amusement, some sample images.


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Traveller (mongoose2) – 1105-001

MTU – 1105-001 – In the Beginning…

Tonight we managed to have our first online session of Traveller.


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Classic Traveller 1105-001

in media res

Through happenstance and dumb luck (good and bad), you’re on the slow liner “Indignant Pause” R-OO1256 trundling along on a Jump-1 route to Bellerophon (Esperance Subsector 0709 A88A986-E). This is a human populated water world within the Vegan Autonomous District. This may or may not be your final destination.

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Classic Traveller Campaign starting – Starship

I’m about to kick off an online classic traveller (using Mongoose v1 rules) and of course I want the PCs to have their own ship or part thereof so….how do they get one. And what are other considerations.

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MUTHUR6000 Preview

I’ve created a little python script for working with the Alien RPG map. It just calculates the distance between star systems based on the included Data sheet. See also a Readme in there.

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Brett Devereaux on the Siege of Gondor:

It’s pretty interesting reading. Pop along here for the series.

My reply?

While I enjoyed reading this incredibly nerdy analysis of the battle for Gondor, The author forgets several points.

1. These are orcs. Every prisoner is food. The city of Minas Tirith is therefore a larder even if the inhabitants eat their food stores. The fallen soldiers of Gondor are food. Got hungry and aggressive orcs? Just point them at the enemy. Yum Yum. They’ll eat grubs, rotting meat, drink brackish water – they’re not subject to the same supply lines. And heck, Orcs will eat each other.

2. There is magic. Not only is Sauron a powerful sorcerer but those magic rings the Ringwraiths have also have impressive abilities to enhance the command structure. Orcs ain’t rebelling. They’re literally thrall to the whims of magic. At the back of the 30 mile column is an orc being birthed from wherever they come from and being given a sword and helmet. The column does not end. And heck, maybe magic can summon up rations?

3. There is evil. Sauron isn’t trying to attain control of the bountiful Pellenor Fields, he’s trying to end mankind. He himself is in thrall to Morgoth. Morgoth is evil, Sauron is evil, Orcs are evil. You can’t compare the motivation of land barons in mediaeval times to the motivations of a 12pm tall immortal demigod. And heck, he’s a Maiar, like Gandalf.

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ALIENS RPG by Fria Ligan

We’ve run two sessions of the Aliens RPG for Graham, Jim, Mike and Barry and we’ve had a heap of fun. I’ve run the starter adventure (Cinematic) and we’re just a third of the way through the Chariots of the Gods cinematic too. Then, if there’s still interest I have a campaign adventure planned. But to give you a taste of the type of stuff I’m getting up to….

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Welcome back…

For the last few months, the lategaming web site has been offline – this has been for a combination of reasons.

  • I wasn’t getting much gaming done
  • I wasn’t getting much writing done
  • I was really busy doing other things (travel, study, work)
  • We caught a bit of malware…..oops

But as things are starting to get on an even keel for everything it becomes possible to kickstart some of this again.

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Glowing Eyes

Over the weekend I watched “The Darkest Minds”. A movie of the YA novel of the same name about some kids who gain superpowers (there are very few kids around as the ones who don’t gain superpowers tend to die). So it has shades of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a little Wild Cards (edited by George R. R. Martin) and a little J. Michael Straczynski’s “Rising Stars”. Yeah, there’s a passing similarity to “The 23rd Letter” too – especially as we use a psi symbol on our cover too. But I digress.

It bothered me about the glowing eyes. A lot of stuff about superhero fiction and radiation emission bothers me. To have glowing eyes, you have to have actual light emitters inside the eyes. And that’s weird to me. Weirder than psychic powers anyway.

A few years ago I wrote a superhero background where every superpower had a basis in biology. Some people had poisonous touch or acidic spittle. Some people had enhanced strength or reactions, others had increased resistance to harm. But there was always a trade off. A reason for their power. We had flyers, don’t get me wrong, but these were people with enhanced nervous systems who could control the flight surfaces on experimental jet packs. Every super power had to have some sort of sensible grounding. After a fact. And it was a lot of fun.

No glowing eyes.

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Tales From The Loop – metadata

Writing up a relationship diagram to make it easier to remember everyone. I’ve been a gamer for 34 years and this is the first time I felt a game deserved one.

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